Park benches

Sit down on our benches!

Our products are of high quality, with a choice of materials intended for the Nordic climate.
Choose between simple benches, heavier constructions, or gorgeous architectural styles, where woodwork design & wrought iron
forms a beautiful union for the future!

GigaPlayground has large customer benefits from the largest manufacturers in Europe, and can offer style & comfort for all outdoor spaces;
also for use in foyers, or other waiting rooms where good ergonomics are paramount.
You will find more products at half the regular market price in our range, and for larger orders additional discounts are granted!

Please note that orders in this category must amount to a minimum 100'000,- NOK (incl. VAT).
Informed prices are thus not to be understood as "indicative", but presuppose min. order, possibly combination purchase.
Please contact us to hear what will apply to your possible order!

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