Spring riders

Playground Spring Riders

What are some of the must-haves in every playground? All kinds of swings and rockers, and spring riders.

A spring rider is a playground element that allows kids to increase strength and endurance, while still having fun. Spring riders have a very simple and accessible structure. They can be mounted outside and are a good alternative to swings.

Wide range of spring riders

Outdoor play equipment has to look good to capture the attention of children. That's why we carry a wide range of products, and have tons of different styles available. Having a wide range of spring riders also allows for more creativity and imagination in the development of playgrounds.

We offer several different models of spring riders in various styles, colors, sizes and themes. One of the most popular spring rider collections has an animal theme. In this collection, you can choose between:

  • Snail Spring Rider
  • Crab Spring Rider
  • Bee Spring Rider
  • Lion Spring Rider
  • Cockerel Spring Rider
  • Frog Spring Rider
  • Shark Spring Rider
  • Hippo Spring Rider
  • Giraffe Spring Rider
  • Bear Spring RiderAnd many more…

Two other interesting collections have themes based on vehicles and water. For example:

  • Car Spring Rider
  • Bulldozer Spring Rider
  • Carriage Spring Rider
  • Jeep Spring Rider
  • Boat Spring Rider
  • Fire Engine Spring Rider
  • Police Spring Rider
  • School Bus Spring Rider
  • Race Car Spring Rider

Thes are usually designed for the use of 1-6 children.

Spring riders for multiple users

Spending time at the playground is one of the funnest activities for children of all ages. Children love the playground and they love to play together. We offer spring riders that can be used by more than one child at a time so that several children can enjoy them together.

Installing a few swings on springs at the playground is also a good idea. We also offer swings on springs that can be used by 2-3 children at the same time. Many of the swings on springs we offer are also made in funny shapes and colors that will encourage children to play together. While the children play together, parents are also allowed a little break.

Resistant and durable designs

Parents and children alike often enjoy using playgrounds in both autumn and winter if the weather is favorable. Our playground equipment is resistant to variable weather conditions, and all components of our spring riders are manufactured in accordance to applicable standards.

We offer high quality products, all produced in the EU. Most of the spring riders are made of HDPE, which is an especially durable thermoplastic polymer. The wooden components are made of robinia, which is one of the world’s most resistant woods. The metal components of our spring rides are made from galvanized and powder coated steel.

Safety first

All of the spring riders we offer are certified for commercial use, and meet the necessary safety standards. Each product is drawn by a professional designer, and tested in various conditions. We supervise the production of each and every product.

How to install a spring rider

Installing a spring rider is a very simple process, but for the sake of our children’s safety, installing a spring rider should be performed by a specialist with experience. This step-by-step instruction details the proper way to install a playground spring rider.

  • Dig footing hole and fill it with concrete
  • Allow the concrete to set for at least 48 hours until it reaches full hardness
  • Using the base of the rider as a guide, mark the point for drilling
  • Use a drill bit suitable for concrete to drill holes in the concrete for the anchor. Make sure to create a diameter large enough for the anchor to fit inside
  • Place anchors in concrete
  • Temporarily remove washers and nuts
  • Mount spring rider base on anchor using washers and nuts

For some of the spring riders, a different approach of mounting is required. This may consist of sinking the anchors directly into concrete. No drilling is required in this method.

Which spring rider should I choose?

Good quality products! Setting up a quality outdoor play area is a long-term investment. Choosing the right type of spring rider will ensure low maintenance and an aesthetically pleasing playground for many years to come. Paying close attention to features like safety, durability and customization is the smart way to go about choosing the right spring rider for your playground.

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