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Carousels for playgrounds

Carousels for playgrounds are attractive recreational devices for children. Carousels are a characteristic element of playgrounds.They are a great addition to swings, slides and playground spring riders. Carousels bring a lot of joy to children and are indispensable on every playground. Our carousels for children are available in many colors and motifs. Carousels are a great integration device because they allow several children to use them at the same time.

High Quality Carousels

Our carousels for playgrounds are made of various materials. We offer carousels made of HDPE plastic and stainless steel, among other materials. This makes them resistant to any weather conditions and very durable. The devices are fully resistant to water and low temperatures.

Wheelchair Carousels for the Inclusive Playground

We have a wide selection of carousels in terms of size and style, including small carousels, large carousels, carousels with seats, carousels without seats. We also offer certified carousels for children with special needs. Our carousels can be used by people using wheelchairs. The carousels provide comfort and a high level of safety.

Types of carousels

There are different types of carousels on playgrounds that bring a lot of joy to children. There are numerous designs in various variants. Some have cabins, rotating around their own axis independent of the main axis, others, for example, chain - rotating on the chains of saddles. Some of these devices have protection against falling out of the passenger's seat, and they are regularly checked for their technical condition. We offer carousels for different quantities of users. Most carousels can be used by 1 to 6 children simultaneously.

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