Outdoor Fitness

Crossfit container

We also have a significant range when it comes to outdoor fitness.

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Robust exercise equipment - hot galvanized and powder coated.
Fully equipped training containers, and other professional solutions.

30 years of development ensures optimal functionality - especially for the Nordic climate.

We recommend installations preferably on grass, or with shock-absorbing mats -
as sand can affect the moving parts over time.
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Training series intended especially for the military, or other professional use.

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Instructor needed for guidance in the use of the devices, ergo this training series is not ideal for general use.
Principle: "Loading handle / weight bar".
We also supply "Explode" training containers (10/20 feet), for mobile outdoor training (see example picture).
Custom made - high quality - versatile.




SM-serien (SMP):
Your body weight, as well as the moving parts of the device constitute current training resistance, in varying degrees as the device's design allows for it.

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This is the most common principle within this training segment, and preferably recommended to the general public. These appliances are in principle maintenance-free (only simple lubrication / cleaning), but it is recommended that they be installed on grass or with rubber mats (Read: Fall mats).


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