Contract agreement

GigaPlayground only accepts written agreements sent by regular mail as legally binding. When GigaPlayground receives a customer order, we will send an official order confirmation by mail. Relevant deadlines as well as terms and conditions will be specified in the written agreement.

Manufacturing purchases

GigaPlayground’s orders are manufactured on demand, unless otherwise specified. Since our products are custom made, orders are binding once the contract is signed and manufacturing has started. A down payment of 50 % of the order’s total cost is mandatory and must be received by GigaPlayground prior to production start.

Pricing on our website: GigaPlayground.eu

In certain cases, price estimates on our website can be incorrect due to delays in website updates or inaccurate price estimates from our product suppliers. Our estimated prices on gigaplayground.eu include customs fees and Norwegian VAT. Delivery fees are not included.

We cannot always guarantee availability of all displayed products due to changes in supplier production. Customers are asked to contact us for a confirmation on availability and pricing.

Delivery costs

Shipping fees will normally be priced at approximately 10-20% of total product costs. Depending on the size of the order, shipping fees may vary. Shipping fees for larger orders may be adjusted downwards, while smaller orders with long transport routes may carry shipping fees exceeding 20% of total product cost.

Customers will receive an advance shipping estimate included in their written proposal. Note: Shipping fees for deliveries to Svalbard and Jan Mayen, and outside of Europe will vary.

Production standards

All our advertised playgrounds and fall pads are European produced and follow regulations of EN-NS: 1176 (playground equipment) and EN-NS: 1177 (fall pads). Other products follow specific production standards. For example, in Norway, playground chains for swing sets must have a protective plastic layer around the chains. This regulation is specific to the Norwegian market and will be accounted for in the production process.

All playground products are delivered with safety and production certifications. User manuals are in Norwegian, and sometimes also in English.

Note: Certain products and product groups can only be purchased in combination with each other. We also have a minimum amount that can be ordered for the order to be approved. This is specified under the product descriptions on our website, and as such, our website’s pricing on those products is not exact.

Product deviations

Customers must agree to deviations of up to +/- 5%. Colors and nuances in illustrations and photos are not necessarily completely identical to the actual product. Product parts and décor may be slightly modified, replaced, or left out. Delivered products and instalments will still have the same functionality, look and feel, and quality as expected, but they may not be identical copies of products displayed on our website. This is due to manufacturing processes in the production line, and/or regulations in the manufacturing country. Upon signing this contract, customers agree to these potential deviations in their order.

* Customers must inform GigaPlayground of any deviations that cannot be made prior to contract signing (for example, color choice, product combinations, décor, etc.).

Defective goods and damage

GigaPlayground must be notified of any defective or damaged goods soon as possible after the product order is received by the customer. The notification must include an official complaint as well as photos of the defective or damaged goods.

For more complex orders, an extended complaint period can be agreed. In case of a complaint, GigaPlayground must be given a reasonable amount of time to address the complaint. A solution to the complaint could be an offer of a replacement product.

Price deductions can be considered if a delivery is significantly delayed, depending on the severity of inconvenience the delay causes the customer. If GigaPlayground cannot deliver the order, or come to an alternative agreement with the customer, the down-payment will be returned, with interest. If the fault lies with the customer, the customer will be responsible for additional costs, as documented by GigaPlayground. GigaPlayground maintains ownership of all products until payment is received in full.

GigaPlayground cannot be held responsible for delivery issues caused by war, terror, natural disasters, or other government restrictions. Payment, with interest, will be returned to the customer. Other conditions that may affect the delivery time: Strike/ lockout, access to materials, pandemics, confiscation, etc. In case of any of the above occurrences, all parties must agree to a mutual settlement.

*Customers are responsible for providing sufficient manpower and equipment (for example, trucks and cranes), to safely receive and sign for the delivery at the agreed time. Terms of delivery will be specified in the order confirmation.

Delivery time

Estimated production time for our playground articles will vary from 4-12 weeks. Larger instalments will normally have a production time of 12 weeks, while smaller instalments will typically require 4-5 weeks, including transportation to delivery site. Larger concepts and complete parks will have a delivery time of approximately six months, dependant on availability of instalment components.

Due to unpredictable market demand for playground instalments, delivery time in this document is an estimation and is not specified under each product description on our website. A detailed overview of the delivery process will be supplied to customers upon request.

Articles that are not part of the playground portfolio will have a delivery time of approximately 4-6 weeks.


In connection with all orders, we will do a credit check on our customers. In that respect, customers must agree to our collection of financial information from/to a third party (credit company). GigaPlayground does not share or use this information for other purposes. Nor do we use «cookies» on our website.

GigaPlayground retains the right to cancel an order without further process, or alternatively, ask for a 100 % advance down payment when a credit check is not sufficient.


All our products are protected by our guarantee, as per Norwegian purchase laws, with a minimum guarantee period of two years. Certain products and product parts are issued with a longer guarantee period from the manufacturer, usually 5-10 years, or more. Please contact us for more information about the guarantee period for your specific order. After the guarantee period, we can normally still provide you with replacement parts at a discounted price.

Our guarantee does not cover: Damage caused by improper use, damage or wear caused by improper assembly (including assembly on poor ground conditions), vandalism, regular wear (for example, faded product colors), rust, exposure to chemicals, etc. Customers are required to properly follow product user manuals, manufacturer recommendations and regular control and service intervals.