Robinia is a deciduous tree in the pea family. It originally came from America, but is now also cultivated in several European countries for industrial use.
It is also known as robinia pseudoacasia or black locust.

The wood from robinia is very hard, and has considerable resistance to drought, air pollution and sunlight. Robinia logs can remain in the ground for as long as 100 years. It is often used in the manufacturing of railway sleepers, outdoor furniture and, of course, playground equipment.

Robinia playgrounds require no impregnation or other treatment. Tree oils and other color treatments can safely be used without any effect on product lifetimes.

GigaPlayground cooperates with European producers who are happy to develop new, unique solutions using robinia wood. All custom productions follow the same standards according to NS-EN:1176. Documentation and approval from TÛV.

For the playgrounds of the future, we recommend using robinia.