Tower – Int-PP-0004


A conical tower with single tunnel skids located on each of the five floors. The supporting structure consists of poles made of galvanized steel or of Robinia wood in glued technology. The whole tower is surrounded by a protective grating, and inside there are spiral stairs that lead to each level of the tower. There is a decorative weather vane at the top of the tower. The device is intended for children from 6 years.

The device includes
5 hexagonal platforms at different levels, secured with protective grates,
1 straight tunnel slide,
1 arc tunnel slide with a transparent window,
1 winding tunnel slide,
1 arc tunnel slide,
5 spiral stairs connecting individual levels,
1 rotating weather vane,
6 construction poles,
1 pointed tower roof with transparent dome.

Technical data
Device dimensions (LxWxH): 24.00 x 21.00 x 26.75 m
Safety area: 27.10 x 25.20 m
Maximum height of the fall: 0.90 m

Dimension differences of no more than +/- 5% are allowed

The platforms are made of stainless steel;
Tunnel slides are made of stainless steel;
The spiral-shaped stairs are made of stainless steel, they run from the ground level to the landing height;
Protective gratings and railings made of polished stainless steel;
Structural poles are made of galvanized steel; pole diameter: 193.7 x 4 mm. Optionally, the columns can be painted in the following colors: yellow / RAL 1021; red / RAL 2002, blue / RAL 5015; green / RAL 6018; black / RAL 9005, or made of Robinia wood in glued technology;
Anchors made of stainless steel – connect the foundation with structural poles;
The weather vane is made of stainless steel;
The roof of the tower is made of stainless steel


Dimensjoner 2100 × 2400 × 2675 mm
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