Vannlek – Basic 2 – Int-IP-0269


A multi-purpose device, consisting of two six-level cone-shaped towers and a smaller 1-level tower. The height of the tall towers is 11.4 meters. The supporting structure consists of columns made of galvanized steel. The platforms in the large towers are shielded by steel panels. From the top level of both towers one can go down a tunnel slide, which is connected and at the bottom splits in two directions. The first level in both towers can be accessed by a rope gangway. Inside the towers there are ladders that lead to each level of the structure. In the small tower, the first level can be reached using metal steps with a wooden base. The platform is surrounded by wooden railings. The small tower is connected to the large two rope bridges, each of which extends to another tower. The device is designed for children 8 years and older.

Additional information

Dimensions 12950 × 14550 × 11400 mm
Fall height

200 cm

Safety zone

16050 x 18000 mm

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