Set of inclusive sandboxes – Int-Tm-0007

Set of inclusive sandboxes – Int-Tm-0007

SKU: Int-Tm-0007


This is a set of equipment that serves a therapeutic and play function at the same time. Apart from rehabilitation centers, the set of integration sandboxes is perfect for schools and kindergartens where there are children with different levels of fitness, as well as for public playgrounds.

A set of equipment designed for use by people without disabilities, as well as those with disabilities resulting in mobility in a wheelchair (elevated sandbox). The devices are also recommended for people with intellectual disabilities, neurological immersions, people with visual impairments, and seniors suffering from cognitive impairments.

Playing in the sandbox is primarily a therapy for the hand, training manual skills. You can place colorful pebbles, seashells or other objects in the sand. The task of the person who plays is to find them in the sand, grab them and take them out. This type of play also promotes sensory integration.

The integrative elevated sandpit gives the possibility of conducting therapy to people with motor and intellectual disabilities and provides additional support for the development and play of non-disabled children. The elevated sandbox can be used by people in wheelchairs, but it can also be used by non-disabled persons. Playing together gives the possibility of integration.

When choosing a set of sandpits they should be located maximally 150 cm from each other to ensure proximity of users with different levels of fitness, but also safety and compliance with NS-EN 1176.

The set of inclusive sandboxes complies with the NS-EN 1176 standard.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 828 × 794 × 994 mm
Safety zone

7270 x 4410 mm


Integration sandboxes are made of the following materials: Structure: steel profiles with epoxy primer, painted and powder coated Sides: HDPE board 10 and 15 mm thick Bottom: steel sheet 1.5 mm thick with epoxy primer, painted and powder-varnished Foundations: concrete class B-15 minimum
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