Outdoor bowling alley – new model – Int-PA-12

Outdoor bowling alley – new model – Int-PA-12

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Outdoor bowling alley

The outdoor bowling alley is very popular among children, youngsters as well as adults. To set up the bowling alley, a level, paved area is sufficient. The bowling alley can be set up on paving stones, on a grassy area, on sand or other ground.

The metal trim of the bowling alley is made of stainless steel. The floor is made of waterproof plywood. The frame of the lane is made of hot-dip galvanized metal profiles. The length of the bowling alley lane is 10,5 m wide by 1,5 m. A tape is spread on the floor causing better ball guidance, and the track is profiled in such a way that the ball itself returns to the starting point.


The set includes:

  • 10,5 m long lane,
  • set of bowling pins,
  • two balls,
  • rubber band,
  • set of adjustable legs.

Outdoor bowling alleys are a great way to enjoy the fun of bowling without being cooped up indoors. Set up in the great outdoors, these alleys provide entertainment for the whole family, no matter the weather. They are perfect for parties and corporate events, or even just a casual gathering with family and friends. With no roof to worry about, you can bask in the sun while you bowl and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor bowling alleys are also great for practicing technique, as they tend to have longer and smoother lanes than their indoor counterparts. On hot days, the alleys can be cooled with misting fans to keep you comfortable. With all these features, it's no wonder that outdoor bowling alleys are becoming increasingly popular.




Additional information

Dimensions 10500 × 1500 mm
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