Music Instrument – Int-PP-0052


A musical instrument in the form of a drum. It is inspired by traditional drums from Peru and Cuba. It is easy to play, just tap on the side wall where the fingers are placed. The toy also serves as a seat. The device produces snare and low bass sounds that are placed inside the drum (top and center). The product can be used both outside and inside. It can also be used by people with disabilities. The device can be concreted in the ground or screwed to foundations. There are engraved elements on the instrument. The volume level of the sound coming from the instrument at a distance of: 50 m is 52 dB, at a distance of 10 m it is 62 dB, and at a distance of less than 3 m it is 87 dB.

Dimensional differences not greater than +/- 5% are allowed

Additional information

Dimensions 280 × 360 × 410 mm
Safety zone

1500 x 1500 mm


Construction made of stainless steel.
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