Music Instrument – Int-PP-0047


A musical instrument-type device in the form of bells that emit sounds of different tones. It comes in six sizes, each of which produces different sounds. The set comes with sticks in the number of two to six pieces on a string, which allow you to extract sound from the instrument. The notes produced are in the scale of C Major Diatonic, Pentatonic, Diatonic Symphony or Pentatonic Symphony from C3 to C6. The product is intended for outdoor use. It can also be used by people with disabilities. The instrument can be concreted in the ground, screwed to foundations or mounted on a wall. Depending on the size, the device can accommodate up to six people. The volume level of the sound coming from the instrument at a distance of: 50 m is 52 dB, at a distance of 10 m it is 62 dB, and at a distance of less than 3 m it is 87 dB.

Dimensional differences not greater than +/- 5% are allowed

Additional information

Safety zone

1500 x 1500 mm


Construction made of stainless steel.
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