Junior Labyrinth & Ball Labyrinth – Int-PA-13


Labyrinth is a toy for adults and children, it works very well at playgrounds, amusement parks and other recreational areas. In the maze above below, place the ball in the hole located in the center of the maze. In the maze with balls, place all the balls in the holes in the shortest time possible. The mazes rotate around their axis and tilt in all directions. The maze can stand on rubber feet, or it can be fixed to the ground.

Maze with Balls – rules of the game:
– You can play with 15 balls by placing them in all 15 holes in the shortest possible time.
– To make the game more difficult, we add the white ball, which is the last to be placed in the starting point.
– When the white ball falls into the hole, you have to steer the balls in such a way that the ball with the highest possible number is placed last in the starting point.

Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 1000 mm
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