Indian Cottage – Int-PP-0002

Indian Cottage – Int-PP-0002

SKU: Int-PP-0002


A toy for a playground in the shape of an Indian house. The house consists of three towers of different heights connected with each other by a rope bridge and a tunnel.
You can enter it via a footbridge or a ladder, and slide down the slides.
The walls of the house are decorated with characteristic patterns, such as spears, arrows, slanted doors, etc. The device includes a certificate confirming compliance with the EN 1176-1: 2017 and EN 1176-3: 2017 standards.

The device includes
1 tall pentagonal tower,
1 medium pentagonal tower,
1 low pentagonal tower,
2 access footbridges with rungs,
2 access footbridges with openings,
2 rope access gangways,
1 rope access ladder,
1 straight long slide,
1 short straight slide,
1 triangular rope tunnel,
1 rope bridge,

Technical data
Device dimensions (LxWxH): 13.90 x 6.40 x 3.45 m
Safety area dimensions: 16.90 x 9.90 m
Free fall height: 1.50 m
Number of children: 63
Age 5+

structure made of steel secured with a zinc layer and powder coated,
Aluminum connecting balls,
Platforms, canopies and walls made of HPL material,
Structure fasteners with plates made of aluminum,
Rope connectors made of polyamide plastic,
16mm thick polyamide ropes resistant to UV rays,
A slide made of stainless steel with HPL sides.

Additional information

Dimensions 13900 × 6400 × 3450 mm


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