Inclusive wheel – Int-Tm-0006


The Inclusive Wheel is a device with educational, therapeutic and play functions at the same time. Apart from rehabilitation centers, the Integration Wheel is ideal for schools and kindergartens with children of different levels of ability, as well as for public places or playgrounds.

The device is recommended for non-disabled users, as well as for people with disabilities that result in wheelchair use. For people with intellectual disabilities, neurological immersions, and seniors suffering from cognitive impairment and dementia.

The graphics placed on the device present faces with different emotions. They give the opportunity to conduct cognitive rehabilitation, to implement exercises and conversations about emotions and to support AAC communication in terms of showing how a person feels at a particular moment.

The device has no barriers to access, either physical or cognitive. The device can be used by people with varying levels of ability and people without disabilities, in different configurations relative to these users. The device is suitable for use by people in wheelchairs, with intellectual disabilities. The device is also friendly to people with vision problems because the graphics are milled into the board (the line of graphics is concave).

Apart from rehabilitation centers, they are perfect for schools and kindergartens where there are children with different levels of ability, and also for public playgrounds.

The equipment is compliant with the NS-EN 1176 standard.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 720 × 578 × 1375 mm
Safety zone

3453 x 3720 mm


Construction: steel profiles with epoxy primer, painted and powder-varnished, steel sheet with epoxy primer, painted and powder-varnished Surface of the wheel: 15 mm thick HDPE plate Requirements for foundations: concrete class minimal - B-15
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