Inclusive spring rocker – Int-Tm-0003


Inclusive spring rocker is a device that serves a therapeutic and play function at the same time. In addition to rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive spring rocker is ideal for schools and kindergartens with children of varying levels of ability, as well as public playgrounds.

The Inclusive spring rocker is a device produced in Europe used for fun by attracting oneself to the railings and as a bouncing device. Springs placed under the platform give the possibility to swing the platform sideways. The device has two sets of barriers that can be used depending on the needs – lower and higher ones. The device, apart from being fun, serves to improve proprioception and coordination, and supports the kinesitherapy of upper limbs.

People with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs, can simultaneously play on the device together with people without disabilities in different configurations of these users.

Two people can play on the device at the same time.

Devices obtained a certificate of compliance with the NS-EN 1176 standard.

Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 2093 × 1390 × 1041 mm
Safety zone

5093 x 4390 mm


Construction: steel profiles with epoxy primer, painted and powder coated, elementsof stainless steel Platform: corrugated aluminum sheet Backrest: HDPE plate Foundations: concrete class minimal -  B-15
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