Inclusive roundabout – Int-Tm-0002


Inclusive Roundabout is a device produced in Europe that serves a therapeutic and play function at the same time. In addition to rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive Roundabout is ideal for schools and kindergartens with children of different levels of ability, as well as for public playgrounds.

The inclusive carousel is also dedicated to outdoor gyms, parks and home green spaces,parks and home green spaces to ensure the possibility of simultaneous playdisabled persons and users on wheelchairs.

The Inclusive Roundabout is an innovative device with a completely different way of propulsion than other carousels on the market. The carrousel spins in just one direction. While having fun, the user exercises his/her upper limbs. The user has full control over the speed and pace of the device and can decide to stop, as the device is equipped with brakes.  If the disabled person is not able to propel the device, it is enough that this activity is performed by a non-disabled person participating in the game. Similarly with braking – it is enough that one person uses the brake. The device is equipped with two chairs, which after folding become backrests for wheelchairs.

The device is recommended for non-disabled users, people with disabilities that result in mobility in a wheelchair, on crutches or with a walker. For people with intellectual disabilities, neurological disorders, for people with visual impairments, as well as seniors. The carousel provides opportunities for motor and social rehabilitation.

People with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs, can simultaneously play on the device together with people without disabilities in different configurations of these users.

On the device can play simultaneously:
– 1 non-disabled person + 1 person in a wheelchair,    – 2 people without disabilities,    – 2 persons in wheelchairs.

Devices obtained a certificate of compliance with the NS-EN 1176-5 standard.

Additional information

Weight 520 kg
Dimensions 2640 × 2640 × 1027 mm
Fall height

43 cm

Safety zone

6640 x 6640 mm


Construction: steel profiles with epoxy primer, painted and powder coated, elementsstainless steel elements Platform: corrugated aluminum sheet Backrest: HDPE plate Foundations: concrete class B-15 or above
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