Balance carousel – Int-MPP-0017


ORBITA” balancing carousel with an inclined axis of rotation (10 degree). Fun in standing, sitting or lying position. Designed for playgrounds – for children aged 5 + years. An element of movement and rotation play belonging to the KOOL System.

diameter 220 cm,
height from the ground – 65 cm,
angle of inclination 10 degree
weight: 145 kg
Fall zone: diameter 620 cm
free fall height: 65 cm.

Supporting structure of the frame and raceway – steel (zinc) supported on 5 legs of steel pipes embedded in the ground. The movable raceway consists of 6 segments made of moulded plastic.

The raceway is driven by carriages with special plastic roller bearings.

The structure is certified and meets the requirements of NS-EN 1176 from 2009 for public playgrounds.

The device requires periodic inspections in order to inspect the technical condition and possible maintenance works. A person authorised to carry out the inspection is obliged to make a visual inspection once a month, together with a physical test. Any observed changes, defects or deviations from the standards should be reported immediately to the manufacturer or an authorized person managing the playground.

NOTE: When installing in the ground, the legs should fit into the markings of the surface level. This is particularly important in the case of loose substrates such as sand.

Additional information

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 2200 × 2200 × 650 mm
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