Ant – Int-RP-0001


The Ant playground is the first set in the series inspired by insects. A very interesting look encourages children to play outdoors. There are 3 possibilities for children to enter the interiour, via a rope ramp or ladders. You can go down the slide. The Ant and The Little Grasshopper are insects for smaller children due to the descent from a height of 90 cm.

Insect playgrounds is a series of play sets inspired by insects. Devices obtained a certificate of compliance with the NS-EN 1176 playground construction standard and its relevant notebooks.

Technical data:
– Age group: up to 13 years old
– Device dimensions: 502 x 240 cm
– Operation zone: 729 x 543 cm
– Maximum height: ~ 2 m
– Platform height: 90, 130 cm
– Foundation depth: -50 cm
– Free fall height: ≤ 130 cm

Steel elements, galvanized and powder coated.
Platforms made of waterproof plywood. Ant body and covers made of HDPE board. Slides of the slide made of stainless steel. Rope elements made of Ø16 nylon rope with a steel core, mounted with special clamps.
Foundation – anchoring in the ground by concreting the pipe

– The device is designed for installation in a public area
– The play set is difficult to access for all ages
– Age of users who can use the device on their own over 3 years
– The use of the device should be under adult supervision
– The number of children staying on the device at the same time should not exceed 6
– The device should be used in accordance with its intended use

Additional information

Dimensions 7290 × 5430 × 2000 mm
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